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FilFla&qodibop Double Release Party!!!!!!

FilFla & qodibop double celebration party in Tokyo!!!!

sjq animacy cover

SJQ New Album

It is takes 6 years from their latest album "meme?". SJQ(Samurai Jazz Quintet) will be releaseing new album "Animacy".


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sjq animacy cover


    Track Listing
  1. automata
  2. pico
  3. nano
  4. nox noctis aer
  5. s.o.m.
  6. mica
  7. a casus on the riverside
  8. qi

formatCD release20.May.2009 cat.nocubic music 16 / HEADZ 132

Japanese experimental pop group SJQ's new album 'animacy' is a solidly constructed album of cut-up Jazz that is successful in combining pop music sensibilities and the modern vanguard of electronic experimentalism.
All of the songs on [animacy] see the key instruments(piano,guitar,bass,trombone,drums) weaving around a spine of stop-start, experimental electronics, and through this exploring a pastiche of unheard of textures and combinations.
As to not be out done solely by the difficult combination of two seemingly opposing genres, a great deal of the electronics on [animacy] were synthesized via gismo:an artificial life simulation program designed by band reader Yuta Uozumi himself.
An innovative landmark to some, a future lost classic at worst, SJQ is among those laying down the foundations of future music.

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