12K Showcase 2011 Illuha "Shizuku" Release Party

FilFla&qodibop Double Release Party!!!!!!

FilFla & qodibop double celebration party in Tokyo!!!!

sjq animacy cover

SJQ New Album

It is takes 6 years from their latest album "meme?". SJQ(Samurai Jazz Quintet) will be releaseing new album "Animacy".



SJQ[Samurai Jazz Quintet] サムライ・ジャズ・クインテット

SJQ is a band composed of Yuta Uozumi (piano/computer), Tadashi Yonago, (trombone/computer), Isao Nakagaito(guitar), Shuhei Otani(bass), Wataru Asada(Drums). and gismo: an artificial life program created by Yuta Uozumi.
SJQ's approach is a chain reaction of human and virtual interactions, one by one evolving without recorded loops.
In the course of a performance, SJQ utilizes realtime modulation, computer manipulation as well as traditional Jazz instruments such as piano, trombone, guitar, bass, and drums.

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